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The Artist Project Exhibitor Manual
April 13-16, 2023
Better Living CentreToronto
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Artist Project Exhibitor Kit

Contract Information

Your contract is legally binding. Once you have signed the contract you are obligated to adhere to every clause stipulated in Schedule “A” of the Exhibition Permit, including the products for which you have been contracted. You may not sell any products that have not been included in your signed contract. Please make special note of Section 6(g) of your contract. Artist Project is marketed and promoted as an exclusive art fair. Therefore, we embrace artists who understand and believe in our philosophy and whose work is not available in other shows (featuring more than 30 artists) 30 days before and 30 days after the dates of Artist Project within a 50 km radius (with the exception of other Informa Canada events).

Booth Number

Please check your email for your assigned booth numbers.


Booth Signage

All artists will receive a booth sign on site with your name, booth number and location. 

Additional Signage Guidelines

Artists may put up one additional black vinyl sign (maximum 11 inches in height) on an interior wall of their booth, please see the Additional Signage Style Guide for what is permitted. Beyond this, additional booth signage is not allowed, and will be removed onsite. One exception to this rule is small artwork labels, which may include the artist’s name.

Signage Suppliers

For any additional printing and signage for your booth we suggest the following companies:

Vista Print
720 King St W #155
Toronto, ON M5V 2T3

TPH The Printing House
840 King St W,
Toronto, ON M5V 1P1

Booth Design Guidelines

Designing an attractive and effective booth is crucial to engaging fair visitors. Our audience expect a beautiful fair, and each exhibitor’s booth contributes to the overall look and feel of the show. Please consider the following when designing your booth:

  • Please do not pile artwork on the floor or lean artwork against the walls of your booth (sculptures placed on the floor are permitted) 
  • Artists are encouraged to seek other storage methods such as building additional wall panels in their booths, purchasing multi-functional furniture and renting art storage for extra work using the link below
  • Artist Project reserves the right to request the re-hanging of a booth if required
  • Artists may not display artwork on print racks in their booth
  • Artists may not have any uninstalled artwork laying on the floor or propped up against booth walls without show management approval
  • Artists may not have draped tables in their booth
  • Artists are encouraged not to overhang their booths either by content of artwork installed or through salon style hanging
  • Artists must display artwork that is consistent with their application   
  • Artists can arrive before show hours to re-install work, but may not re-hang or re-install their booths during show hours
  • Artwork may not extend beyond the perimeter of your booth into the aisle
  • Exhibits including the operation of musical equipment, radios, sound motion picture equipment, public address systems or any noise making devices will not be permitted without written approval from show management

If you have any booth design questions, please contact Emma Fried at

To order Art Storage, click HERE.

Booth Dimensions

Booth Dimensions

Your entire display must fit within the confines of your booth (including furniture, artwork, signage, you and your staff, etc.). All contents of your booth (including chairs and artwork) must be placed inside your booth or you will be asked to remove it. Keep in mind that due to the hard wall construction, the interior dimensions of your booth are reduced slightly (ie. the interior dimensions of a 5 ×10 booth will be approximately 4’ 9” x 9’ 6”). 


Your booth is comprised of 3 white hard walls (unless otherwise requested), and standard concrete flooring. Please see below for additional details:

  • Walls are 11′ high and 3″ thick
  • The hard walls are smooth, ¼” MDF, painted white
  • The panels are constructed with an interior plywood rib frame that can take screws for heavier items. The rest of the panel surface can take small wood screws for mounting of lighter items (up to 10 pounds)
  • Small holes from screws and are permitted, but you will be charged a repair fee for large holes and/or additional damage to the panels
  • Please do not paint or alter the walls
  • If you apply vinyl letters or Velcro tape you must remove it at show closing
  • All screws must be removed at show closing by the exhibitor 
  • No glue can be used to hang artwork to the walls 
  • Additional walls can be ordered through the Artist Project Lighting and Custom Wall Panel form
  • If you have a corner booth and would like an open corner configuration, please contact Emma Fried at

Please note that the use of hammers is prohibited, as the vibration may cause artwork in neighbouring booths to fall off the walls


To complete the Booth Design Form (including additional walls), click HERE.


Good lighting is an essential element of your booth display. There will be minimal overhead lighting on the show floor during the fair, creating an intimate atmosphere for our visitors, and allowing you to light your artwork in the most appropriate and effective way. Renting lights is MANDATORY.


  • Electricity for lights is included in cost of lighting rental
  • Each light is a 200 watts halogen light with a 28” long arm and articulating head that can be rotated 360 degrees 
  • Light coverage is 4-5 linear feet wide, and we recommend 1 light for every 5 linear feet of walls
  • Lights will be installed by the SHOWTECH team as near as possible to your indicated placement, but for technical reasons a 3-4” variance may occur
  • Light fixtures clip into a metal track that is mounted at the top of the hard walls
  • Please do not:
    • Tie into the electricity provided for the rental lighting, as this can short-circuit the electrical grid and cause power outages for sections of booths
    • Bend the arm of the light, as this can break it 

For more information on light rentals, please contact Emma Fried at

To complete the Booth Design Form (including arm lights), click HERE.


You may require an electrical outlet in your booth to power additional devices (ie. laptop, credit card reader, phone). Electricity can be ordered on the Booth Design Form. Most exhibitors will only require the basic electrical outlet (regular duplex outlet; 1500 watt). The amount of electricity you will require can be calculated on the order form by multiplying the number of fixtures by the wattage indicated on each fixture. 

Please note: The Exhibition Place staff may audit each booth and bill you directly for any wattage you use above and beyond what you ordered. Additionally, if you use more wattage than you have ordered it may cause a power shortage in your area and affect your neighbours. 

Disclaimer: All wiring must be done in an approved manner, acceptable to the latest edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) and the ESA inspector. The OESC and ESA will not accept open joints, joints that are taped, ungrounded wiring, improper box connectors etc. Any wiring that is not factory assembled must be approved by an accredited approval agency prior to move in. Exhibitors will have to place an onsite order for the in-house electricians to correct any deficient wiring. A standard hourly rate will be charged for this service.

Exhibitors placing onsite orders to correct wiring that is not up to code will be worked on as soon as all pre-ordered orders are installed. It is strongly recommended that all wiring inspections and corrections be taken care of before being brought on site.

If you have any questions about the power in your booth please contact

To complete the Booth Design Form (including electrical), click HERE.

Furniture Rental

Stronco Show Services has a variety of tables, stools, counters and display cabinets available for rent.

To order Furniture, click HERE.

TV Rental

Please be aware that the Better Living Centre has a collective agreement in place with the union, IATSE (Toronto Stagehand local of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) which has jurisdiction over installation of all TVs within booths where the TV is not owned by the exhibitor. This means if you plan to rent a TV to display artwork in your booth you will need to hire IATSE union members to install and dismantle the TV. If you own the TV, then you can install and dismantle the TV yourself. If you plan to rent a TV for your booth, please contact for information on how to order union labour and what the associated costs will be.